• LUL 1-085 A3:2011
  • BS 7211
  • BS 6853
  • Low smoke zero halogen
  • –45°C to 125°C*
  • 600/1000 volt
  • Exane ZH in black
    Image: Exane ZH in black

Exane ZH is a London Underground authorised cable suitable for internal or external rolling stock applications. With this low smoke zero halogen cable being exceptionally flexible and tough, and having superior protection against mechanical, heat, moisture, oil, chemical and abrasion damage, Exane ZH is the perfect cable to cope with the difficult environments faced by rolling stock cables in the 21st century.


*RSCC rated 125°C, 130°C overload, 250°C short circuit.


At a glance

  • Thermoset insulation
  • Excellent oil, solvent and sunlight resistance
  • Superior flame retardance
  • Enhanced mechanical toughness
  • Exceptional resistance to water ingress
  • Wide temperature rating: –45°C to 125°C*

Performance standards

  • LUL 1-085 A3:2011
  • BS 7211:1998
  • BS 6853: 1999, Clause 6.2, Table 13 and 14
  • BS 6853: 1999 Annex B.1
  • BS 6853:1999 vehicle category 1a for vehicles interior and exterior per: BS 6853: 1997 Annex D 8.7
  • BS EN 50265-2-1: 1999 (IEC 60332-2-2: 2004)
  • BS EN 50265-2-2:1999 (IEC 60332-2-1: 2004)
  • IEC 60754-1
  • IEC 60754-2


  • Conductor: Annealed, tinned copper per IEC 60228, Class 5/BS6360
  • Insulation: Crosslinked low smoke halogen free polymer (colours – as required)

Sales at Goldwing

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  • Cable cut to your required length
  • Vast stock holdings mean next day delivery

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