• LUL 1-085 A3:2011
  • BS 7211:2012
  • BS 6853
  • NFPA 130 & 502
  • Low smoke zero halogen
  • -25°C to 90°C*
  • 450/750 volt
  • Exane CircuitSAFE in Green/Yellow
    Image: Exane CircuitSAFE in Green/Yellow

Exane CircuitSAFE is a rugged London Underground authorised low smoke, halogen free cable, especially designed for use on circuit integrity applications. A layer of mica glass tape around the conductor provides thermoset insulation, allowing emergency lighting, alarms and other essential systems to continue to function for two hours in fire conditions.

Similar to Exane Premises Cable, CircuitSAFE is small and lightweight, plus it has excellent wet electrical properties and enhanced mechanical toughness, making it ideal for use in the harsh underground environment.

*Rated 90°C for normal operation, 130°C for emergency overload conditions and 250°C for short circuit conditions.

At a glance

  • London Underground authorised – organisations around the world recognise the LUL standard as the benchmark for safety
  • Mica tape flame barrier – gives Exane CircuitSAFE superior protection against fire: it will continue to operate for two hours in fire conditions.
  • Small and lightweight – CircuitSAFE is ideal for installations where size and/or weight is an issue.
  • Enhanced mechanical toughness – CircuitSAFE cable is designed for use in rugged environments and is protected against crush, cut, moisture, abrasion and solvent damage.
  • A temperature rating range from -25°C to 90°C – gives you extra flexibility when it comes to siting options

Performance Standards

  • LUL 1-085 A3:2011
  • BS 7211:2012
  • BS 6853 Annex B
  • IEC 60331-3 120 minimum resistance to fire and impact
  • EN 50200 120 minimum resistance to fire and mechanical shock
  • IEC 60332-3-25
  • EN 61034-2 smoke emission
  • NFPA 130 & 502


  • Conductor: bare copper per IEC 60228, Class 2
  • Flame Barrier: mica tape
  • Insulation: crosslinked low smoke halogen free polymer (colours – as required)

Sales at Goldwing

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  • Cable cut to your required length
  • Vast stock holdings mean next day delivery

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